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If you feel you look better, do you feel better?

Welcome to www.cosmedicure.com! More often than not, the answer is absolutely yes! For years clients have asked for a non surgical way to lift and tighten skin. For years surgery has been the only option.  NOW there is finally a non-surgical option for lifting and tightening skin and muscles of the face and neck without surgery! The dream has finally become a reality! It’s called Ultherapy by Cosmedicure.

Ultherapy in New You and New Beauty!

Ultherapy in New You - April 2013 New Beauty Article Clip - January 2013

How is it possible that there is no surgery with these face and neck lifts?

The incredible technology of ultrasound! You have heard that ultrasound can visualize babies and even diagnose diseases, but have you ever thought of how ultrasound works? The sound, which is very similar to the sound from your voice, safely passes through the skin and reflects off of structures inside the body, gets processed and then we see a picture.  This is the magic of ultrasound! The sound can travel at different depths and different strengths and because of that, the treatment areas can be targeted to an exact degree to be able to stimulate the body’s own collagen! This is Ultherapy by Cosmedicure!

Ultherapy in W Magazine and on iVillage.com!

Ultherapy in W Magazine - March 2013 Ultherapy on iVillage.com

Has this procedure been effective for many people?

Thousands upon thousands of people have seen long lasting results.  Cosmedicure’s Ultherapy procedures work.  It is no secret that collagen stimulation is one key to lasting beauty. There is no other technology in the world that can stimulate collagen at the exact level necessary in the face and neck to create an immediate uplift, and also a gradual and continual uplift over a period of 3 to 6 months.  That means that instead of waking up and looking older each day, you can wake up and see your skin and feel your muscles re-energized and revitalized day to day! This procedure for everyone who has the ability to stimulate collagen.  Our incredibly skilled and knowledgeable Cosmedicure team will be able to discuss all of your options to make sure that you receive the treatment that is right for you.

Ultherapy in Details Magazine and Star Magazine!

Ultherapy in Details Magazine - March 2013 Ultherapy in Star Magazine - January 2013


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Ultherapy by Cosmedicure Demands Safety First

Can my skin be burned or permanently damaged in any way by the ultrasound energy?

Absolutely not! Cosmedicure’s ultrasound machines are extremely safe and can measure the exact depth of your muscles and tissues where collagen stimulation occurs.  We can pinpoint the exact area of the face and neck to target the ultrasound energy to achieve maximum results.  There have been numerous studies done that prove without a doubt that there has never been any long term injury of any kind to any Ultherapy patient. We can’t say the same for surgical procedures.

Safety Expectations, Second Safe Study & Temperature Effects

Safety Expectations Second Safe Study Temperature Effects

Can I still have surgical uplifting procedures if I complete the Ultherapy by Cosmedicure treatment?

Yes, of course.  Our hopes are that people try the safest face lift route before diving into a surgical procedure that may leave them scarred or deformed, or even worse.  We want to help people look better and feel better with the absolutely safest technology and safest procedures available. Ultherapy has also been very effective when used in conjunction with other non-surgical facial procedures such as Botox and other facial treatments.

Coagulation Study, Effectiveness Study & Tightening Results

Coagulation Study Effectiveness Study Tightening Results

Does the procedure take a long time?

Ultherapy by Cosmedicure does take about 1.5 to 2 hours at our facilities.  The reason why Cosmedicure procedures take a little longer than average are because we provide a complete face and neck analysis prior to the treatment.  It’s vital for ensuring safety in any Cosmedicure procedure that there is no underlying disease. With our thyroid and carotid ultrasound screenings and our one of a kind diagnostic face ultrasound protocol prior to the Cosmedicure procedure, we are preventing injury in an extremely thorough way.

Asian Skin Results, Cadaver Study & Porcine Study

Asian Skin Results Cadaver Study Porcine Study




FDA Clearance Letter
Ultherapy has been FDA approved!
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